Why choose fertility surgery

At London Fertility Surgery, we believe that surgery may be an option to women who are struggling to conceive. Whilst IVF can be an effective treatment, it can be associated with significant side effects as well as being an extremely expensive and emotionally demanding process. Therefore, it may be helpful for patients to consider fertility surgery as an alternative or adjunct to IVF.

Most of the procedures we offer at the clinic can be carried out using minimally invasive methods such as ‘key-hole’ surgery performed as a day case. For more major surgical procedures, the average length of hospital stay is generally only two nights. We also use cutting edge microsurgical techniques which not only promote excellent healing resulting in less scar tissue, but when performed correctly they also lead to a significantly better pregnancy rate compared with conventional open surgery or keyhole surgery.

Most importantly, a successful surgical procedure will completely restore a woman’s fertility anatomy and enable her to conceive naturally as many times as she then wants.